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Hello Michaela!

Thank you so much for your time and efforts yesterday - Impressed is an understatement that you were able to respond and fix this in person so quickly - Some of the best customer service around easily!

Excellent day with Michaela it could not have gone better hope I can now move on and make my own masks and improve my Business.   I’m sure there are more like me who could do with Michaela’s help

I just wanted to say that you have a gem of an employee in Michaela.

Last night at 11.20p.m Michaela was emailing me regarding a stencil order I placed on Tuesday, she was having problems in getting the correct proofs from the origination team,  she appeared to be very busy, reassuring me that most of the order would arrive today and it did. 

I wanted to say that I believe Michaela went above and beyond her job yesterday, she should be highly valued by Crystal Galleries. 

Michaela already knows that I think highly of her, but I would appreciate if you would pass on my comments to her as well.


We were contacted a week or so ago by Michaela O’Halloran as we purchased a machine from yourselves around 2 years ago and she had noticed we hadn’t bought any further supplies. I confessed to her that the machine had been bought for a job we had got and unfortunately was sat, kind of redundant up the corner but that we are imminently launching a new website selling branded merchandise and personalised gifts and was sure we could use the machine for that.  Michaela offered to come and see us and run through what the machine does and I willingly accepted.   On arrival yesterday she was full of enthusiasm.  She ran through the machine, explaining to myself and a colleague how each part worked etc and then did a demo of all the different ways we could produce transfers etc. My husband and our colleague Chris have been around this type of machine for many years but were still really impressed with the innovative new ways it can be used and we really haven’t been using it to its full potential! We are all now very excited about what we can do with it which will result in orders coming your way. I just wanted to put in writing to you how impressed we were with her – the help she gave was invaluable and we look forward to working with you as a supplier for the future!

Thank you for offering this service.


Hi Michaela, so yes I’m really excited to blast on ceramic now. Can’t believe how tough this R5 actually is tbh! It’s a funny thing though that I’ve never in almost 40 years of blasting, tried stage carving. I’m not quite sure why either. I think its something I need to try afore I die, and I think the time has finally arrived!! If you’ve got any photos of your stage carving, I’d love to see them. Thank you again dear Michaela for all your help and support, which has now given me the confidence to reopen my Etsy shop. Have a good day wherever you are in the world!x

Hello Michaela!

I'm SO glad for your phone call those years ago when you convinced me the R3 stencils are better and for your time when you came and gave Ben and I all the advice we needed to try and get set up to make them on our own. They're 100% better in every way and you can create such cool stuff with them. We're very grateful to you.

Hi Michaela

Your advice proved invaluable. We’ve successfully used the rapid mask, the quality of the engraving is much better and details finer than with the tissue stencils, so its opening up many new opportunities. We have also been able to use the raysist washout system (after begging some samples from them),so I think - keeping everything simple, we are going to order some APM R3 blue from you to give us maximum flexibility.

We are delighted with the service from you guys, even more so given the difficult circumstances you’re all facing after the fire