Folex Inkjet Printing Film A3


Inkjet film, transparent, 165 micron with anti-curling coating

Folex Inkjet Printing Film is transparent, polyester based, printable inkjet media for screen- and offset printing purposes. 
It is a universally applicable Inkjet film that is excellently suitable for the exposure of all photoresist films.

 The Dmax-value arrives at up to 4.0 and a transparency of .13.

The Folex Inkjet Printing Film can be printed with all customary ink types; furthermore it has excellent water resistance.

Technical information:

Ink Compatibility:             Color-, Pigment- and Chrome Inks
Water Resistance:            Yes
Dmax–Value:                    up to 4.0
Dmin–Value:                    .13
Color Printing:                  Yes