Exposure Unit A4 vacuum


A4 size vacuum exposure unit suitable for any full-time engravers. Ideal for medium production volume.

The UV exposure unit A4 vacuum is the latest model of our exposure unit range. Combining compact body size with high quality components this model is the ideal unit for precise UV exposures of our photoresist films.

Technical details:

  • Strong aluminum profile housing, natural anodized
  • Special fluorescent lamps (ACTINIC), wave length 350- 400nm ( UV-A)
  • Uniform illumination of  the exposed surface
  • Equal contact pressure by foam material (22mm) inside the cover plate
  • Electronic timer, selectable time period 1- 600sec. or 1-100min
  • 1-knop operation
  • 7-Segment LED display
  • Electronically ballast according EN 60929, EN-EC 03, EEI=A2
  • No flicker or stroboscopic effects